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Jabar Bains

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Companies I have worked for!

Could you not take my word for it? Take theirs. :)

Highly recommend working with Jabar! Jabar was a thorough professional in all aspects that an actor is supposed to be. He's a master of his craft and always a fun guy to be around. He's a director's actor! He understood my vision and helped me bring that to life.

- Shantanu Udasi
   Director: Save the Date Pilot

Jabar was a pleasure to direct on our commercial shoot for a multi-million dollar food brand. This was a lifestyle montage of the brand's products, therefore Jabar had to bring his character to life without the use of any spoken lines.

He was able to comprehend the scene and use a variety of behavorial nuances to bring his character to life.Furthermore, he used body language more effectively than any of the other actors to convey his character's emotions and intentions.

- Nick Lam

Jabar is a pleasure to work with.  He supports and uplifts his fellow cast members and is committed to doing justice to the script and the story.

- Sarah Magni (She/her)
Thatz Showbiz, Artistic Director AYCLB

Jabar was so much fun to work with! He brought great energy to his role and was constantly exploring and playing with his character! The audience loved him!

- Alice Camarota
The AlphaNYC Theatre Director

Thank you once again for the amazing work you put in on the set of our PSA for Dying with Dignity Canada. I greatly appreciate your eagerness to perform, as well as your strong ability to follow the direction I had given to you. You crafted a performance better than the last for every take, despite the repetitive nature of our shots. 


You truly were a valuable asset in both skills and attitude, bringing contagious energy to set. It would be a pleasure to work with you on future projects.

- Michael Chiappetta
  Dying With Dignity PSA

“Jabar Bains was an absolute pleasure to have on our set. He was friendly and professional the entire time he spent with us. We are so grateful for all his patience with us, as we are still in the process of learning filmmaking.

He helped create such a positive atmosphere with both cast and crew. We are so glad Jabar took a chance on our film, we could not have done it without him.

- Fiona Elizabeth”
The Death of a Parasite Film

“...Such a pleasure working with Jabar on our Canadian Club whiskey shoot. Long shoot days can be especially challenging for talent waiting their turn all ‘masked-up’ during a pandemic. Jabar is professional and more importantly has the cheerful countenance that anyone hiring talent these days needs….”

- Tracy Cox
  Canadian Club Commercial

It was so much fun working with Jabar on our pilot episode! He has great energy on set and is incredibly supporting of the rest of the cast members. Even though we had some really long days on set, he came prepared every single day and was always ready to cheer everyone up around him. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

- Shamanta Haider
   Save the Date Pilot

Jabar is a welcome presence on any set.
He has a lot of great energy and ideas.
He is a terrific actor!

- Andrew Osborne 
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